Cost Effective Preparation of Highly Curated Engineering Data Sets

Engineering Data Integrity Services LLC (“EDIS”) is a Houston, Texas-based company with roots in the community that go back several decades. EDIS’ business is to provide a unique blend of database and records processing services which generate a higher level of efficiency in executing the data mining and engineering needed by our clients. EDIS clients are operators of liquids and gas pipelines, gas plants, refineries and chemical plants, as well as the engineering services companies and enterprise software companies used by the operators. EDIS supports projects such as:

  • Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Facility “Fitness for Service”
  • Corrosion Reviews
  • Risk-Based Inspection Reviews

At EDIS we are tasked with rationalizing the data to the objectives of the engagement and deliver a clean and higher order data set which can feed other software applications. Our records expertise includes a deep understanding of the information governance, enterprise content management and records management disciplines. Our engineering SME’s are familiar with the engineering calculations necessary for design pressure, corrosion reviews, and RBI and become sufficiently trained in our client’s software.

Asset Integrity Management for the Oil & Gas Industry in Houston

How We Help

Operations & Engineering Support

Several high profile events (and numerous smaller events) have increased the pressure on operators to analyze corrosion trends and safe operating pressures. Often locating, organizing, classifying and indexing the data becomes a critical path challenge for the engineer’s RBI and risk algorithm tools which depend on large amounts of high quality data as an input. Operational options to finding this data include performing field work to validate integrity of metal, seams, corrosion rates and the like and resorting to more “pigs and digs”.

Regulatory Compliance

Operation of these assets falls under several regulatory bodies including the Department of Transportation (DOT), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In accordance with these regulations, operators must have procedures and standards (such as ASME and API) for ongoing maintenance, inspection, and reporting obligations associated with operation of their infrastructure, with an emphasis on cost and risk management. Key to the mission is the location and harvesting of design of materials, original construction, repair, testing and corrosion history data in order to establish a baseline of risk.

Risk Management

Operators of midstream and downstream facilities including pipelines, refineries and chemical plants seek to insure the safe and efficient operation of their infrastructure and compliance with federal regulations relating to public safety. In addition, operators seek to improve maintenance planning and CAPEX planning commensurate with risk analysis. The affected infrastructure is often decades old and has been subject to numerous merger and acquisition events, which has resulted in the creation of silos of poorly understood and indexed “dark data”, as well as the effects of an aging workforce who possess the last remnants of historical understanding of the facilities.

Our Focus

EDIS is focused on the asset integrity management (AIM) data mining problem and uses a combination of subject matter expertise (SME), records classification and attribution technologies, custom search tools, database management, and data synchronization robots. We target the records and legacy systems and prepare a cost and risk-stratified work plan in alignment with client objectives and budgets. Our goal is to produce to engineering data sets needed for pipeline integrity management and facility pressure vessels at a fraction of the cost typically incurred using standard methods.

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve engineering efficiency by using our advanced methods to establish the data baseline which feeds a number of enterprise applications. Client’s data for projects is retained on our servers and desired data populated into a custom SQL database which can feed other software including PODS, ECM's RBI and PMS software applications.